Why Your Home Needs Entry Mats

More than just a stylish way to greet your visitors at the door, entry mats are the unsung protectors of your household! In addition to providing a thoughtful greeting or stylish visual, entry mats are an investment in your home’s defense against the outdoor elements trying to make their way indoors. Within the Direct Carpet Unlimited , you will find the entry mat styles you love, that will also shield your gorgeous floors inside. These are just a few of the reasons why your home needs entry mats.

Moisture Barrier

Unless the floors in your home are waterproof options, you want to stop moisture from reaching them to prevent liquid damage. Standing water even in small amounts can damage floors if not discovered in a relatively timely manner. Entry mats will provide a buffer between the rainy weather outside and your interior surfaces. Your family and guests can use the mats to wipe their footwear this winter and eliminate the presence of ice, snow, and other moisture during the rest of the year!

Removing Abrasive Offenders

No matter what season of the year it is, entry mats will keep abrasive particles from entering your house and potentially damaging your floors. Although many hard surface options tout their wear-layer toughness, particles even as small as sand grains will be abrasive if they reach your floors and are ground into them repeatedly. Entry mats with grooves will help take abrasive particles out of the treads of sneakers and boots, keeping them outside where they belong.

Preventing Stains & Odors

In addition to preventing liquid damage and surface abrasion, entry mats will greatly help prevent the creation of stains and odors, which are especially detrimental to your carpet. Gasoline, oil, animal waste, and food are just a few of the permanent odiferous offenders that entry mats can keep contained. Mats will remind your guests to always wipe their feet before stepping foot inside and avoid some of these harder-to-notice substances from developing an unwanted presence.

Easy Style

In addition to the ways that entry mats will defend your home, they are an extension of the effortless style that our favorite area rugs add to any space. You can find an entry mat that matches your design scheme and even rotate mats depending on what season or holiday is taking place. Whether it’s a playful touch to reflect your personality or an artistic look to elevate your porch or patio, an entry mat can provide an engaging visual just like a stylish rug!

Olefin is the perfect material for outdoor-approved mats since it can withstand moisture, foot traffic, and stains. When you’re ready to arm your doorways, porch, garage, and mudroom, visit the Direct Carpet Unlimited to find the perfect piece for every entryway.